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Private tuition factsheet

This factsheet covers frequently asked questions about private tuition, from whether a written contract is needed to how much to charge.

School closures and change of status

This factsheet advises you of your employment rights if your school closes or its status changes.

Class sizes

This factsheet provides information about the rules on class sizes and exceptions to those rules.

Job hunting

Job hunting can be a stressful process but this ATL factsheet aims to make it easier by answering your common questions on the subject, from interviews to the resignation letter.

Summer schools

This factsheet aims to provide clear, practical guidance on summer schools and your rights and obligations in taking part in them.

Restructuring in FE colleges (for reps)

This factsheet is intended to assist ATL college reps deal with the issue of restructuring and ensure that restructures are carried out fairly and transparently.

Allegations of abuse against staff

This factsheet answers some commonly asked questions about allegations of abuse against staff working in education.

Discipline in schools

This ATL factsheet outlines your legal rights to discipline pupils, and includes information about detentions, confiscations and the use of reasonable force to restrain students.

Schools in special measures in England and Wales

This factsheet looks at why a school is placed in special measures and addresses the key concerns of staff.

Free schools

This factsheet explains how free schools are set up and run.