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Guide to the DfE teacher workload group reports - for leaders

The eight in a special series of factsheets produced as part of It's about time, ATL's workload campaign.

Zero hours and term time contracts

This factsheet aims to address some of the questions raised by our members and outline the concerns ATL has about the growing use of such contracts.

Living and working with cancer: your rights in the workplace

Many people are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Lone working: support staff

This advice sheet looks at the risks of lone working for education support professionals and what can be done to counter them.

Job references

This factsheet provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about job references, including details of your rights.

Being off sick

This factsheet covers your obligations when you take sick leave from work.

Social networking sites: how to protect yourself on the internet

This factsheet provides some practical tips to help ATL members maintain a positive digital profile when using social networking sites such as Facebook - update for 2016.

Data protection: your rights and obligations

This factsheet answers commonly asked questions about data protection - updated for 2016.

Workload factsheet

ATL receives many calls from members concerned about their workload and asking how they can achieve a reasonable work-life balance. We believe staff are able to give their best if they have a reasonable work-life balance.

Stress factsheet

Second only to those working in the health and social care field, education staff are among the most stressed workers in the land.