Academy finances

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Emergency motion #3

THAT Conference notes, with profound alarm, the conclusion of the independent accountants' recent annual benchmarking report on Academy finances (Kreston UK, March 2018); specifically that the entire sector is within two years of insolvency.

Conference expresses deep concern that this follows equally critical reports from the Audit Commission and the Public Accounts Committee and recognises the devastating impact of this inadequate funding is equally applicable across all school and college settings, from Early Years to post-16; arising from a deliberate policy of funding restraint, which can be seen powerfully illustrated through the public presentation of the DfE's data on the School Cuts website.

Conference acknowledges the unprecedented impact of these funding cuts on class sizes, curriculum diversity, staff workload and teacher retention. Further, Conference instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council call for an immediate, public and unqualified assurance from the Secretary of State for Education regarding the Government's commitment to provide the funding that our schools and colleges need, and learners deserve.