Workload and hours

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Man working late

Working hours

Intended to safeguard the health and safety of employees, the 1998 Working Time Regulations include a number of provisions to protect almost all workers from excessive working hours.

Assertiveness and difficult conversations

How do you approach a difficult conversation? The framework below should give you a head start.

Administrative tasks

The government and unions signed the National Agreement: Raising Standards and Tackling Workload.

The issues you are facing

You can find loads of help and advice on managing your workload - including specific guidance to help you cope with things like marking and report-writing.

Reducing the negative effects of workload: tackling stress

We all experience pressure regularly, it can motivate us to perform at our best. It is when we experience too much pressure and feel unable to cope that stress can result.

Workload factsheet

ATL receives many calls from members concerned about their workload and asking how they can achieve a reasonable work-life balance. We believe staff are able to give their best if they have a reasonable work-life balance.

Support staff workload in state and academy schools

ATL believes that the increase in the quantity and complexity of work for school support staff has now reached crisis point.

Longer schooldays, exhausted students

Overtime is firmly embedded in UK working culture, according to a report from the Institute of Leadership and Management. 76% of those surveyed are routinely working late, with over half of us working at least an extra 7 hours a week in unpaid overtime. Many people are worried that if they're not doing the work they'll lose their jobs.

My week as an NQT - day 5

I think the stresses and strains of my first week had pinned me to my bed overnight; it was not easy getting up and in to the shower this morning.

My week as an NQT - day 4

I arrived at my school just before 8 this morning with a strange feeling of familiarity.