Being a Super Sub

Supply teaching can be one of the toughest roles in the profession. Teaching unfamiliar pupils in unfamiliar places and often even dealing with delivering unfamiliar subjects. This session is designed to share knowledge, techniques and resources to share that can turn you from supply to super substitute.
Motion #22
Mon, 2017

THAT Conference notes the poor terms and conditions of service often experienced by supply teachers and asks the Executive Committee to lobby Government for fair employment practices, with transparency over the processes involved.

Conference also calls upon the Executive Committee to:

Motion #21
Mon, 2017
  • Berkshire

THAT Conference is concerned about the disproportionate costs charged by supply agencies to provide short- and long-term placements, and the fees charged to employees and employers for finding permanent places.

Motion #20
Mon, 2017
  • Suffolk

THAT Conference notes that many LAs no longer maintain registers of supply teachers and as a result, teachers are encouraged to register with an agency to get work in many areas of the country.

Guides and advice

Supply teacher charter

ATL believes supply teachers are educational professionals with a specialised skill set.
Guides and advice

A guide for supply teachers

Over the years, supply teachers have made an unquestionable valuable contribution to the smooth running of schools and the raising of standards within them.

Supply teacher employment rights: Wales

The following is a summary of the statutory rights of supply teachers in the maintained sector in Wales.

Supply teacher employment rights: England

The following is a summary of the statutory rights of supply teachers in the maintained sector in England.

Supply teachers: working through an agency

This factsheet covers the rights of supply teachers working through agencies under The Agency Workers Regulations 2010, which came into force on 1 October 2011.