Pupil mental health

Motion #38
Tue, 2018
  • Berkshire

THAT Conference instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council commission research into the effectiveness of current guidance and legislation into the identification and support of female learners with neurodiversity.

Motion #37
Tue, 2018
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference recognises an increase in society’s understanding and ability to identify the complex mental health needs of our pupils and students.

Motion #36
Tue, 2018
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference notes, with profound sadness, the increasing incidence of suicide among young adults and teenagers and recognises that each such episode is a complex personal tragedy and that school or college can only ever be part of the narrative.

Supporting Childhood Grief

This course will help professionals, individuals, agencies and organisations to learn more about childhood grief and how to offer support to children/young people who are bereaved.

Eating Disorders and Young People

Supporting children with Eating Disorders.

Eating Disorders, Body Image and Young People

This interactive workshop offers an opportunity to develop your knowledge, awareness and understanding of eating disordered behaviour, from a young person’s perspective, and to look at what lies behind this emotive issue.

Self-Harm and Young People

Debbie Humberstone, our external speaker, will provide you with an awareness of self-harm and young people.

ASIST: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

ASIST is a comprehensive two-day course which enables participants to become more willing, ready and able to help persons at risk of suicide.

Post-16 Mental Health CPD

This Post-16 Mental Health session will cover issues such as Attachment, Separation, Autonomy and Identity.