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Sahlberg on ITE: great report, but don’t hold your breath

The stage 2 review of initial teacher training infrastructure in Northern Ireland, led by the Finnish educator and scholar Dr Pasi Sahlberg, was published at the beginning of July. It reports that the Northern Ireland system falls short of international best practice in many respects.

Keep calm and carry on blogging

Professionalism is hard. When, like today, after two hours editing lesson plans, an intimate hour with the laminator, 32 paintings of the sea (with approximately 32 litres of paint!), a lengthy and somewhat irrelevant conversation with a seven year old about King Kong and an over-reliance on caffeine only marks 1pm, professionalism is really hard.

Deregulation in FE teaching

This factsheet covers the deregulation of FE teaching and has specific advice for workplace reps.

Middle tier - a view from the profession

The future of LAs seems to be more in question than at any time since their creation - but the current education system depends heavily on their existance.

Teacher professionalism

"To work with children, the chance to be creative in my work daily, to make learning fun and interesting, to help children feel cared for and supported at school – that's professionalism to me." (ATL member, survey on professionalism, November 2010).