Top Tips for Learners with a Specific Learning Difficulty

This workshop gives you the tools to recognise the signs and indicators of learners with a SpLD and top tips to meet their specific learning needs through high quality teaching and creating an inclusive learning environment.

Tactile Collider

Tactile Collider is a project that aims to make science accessible to all, including people with visual impairments. We invite educators to join us for a CPD session looking at how tactile maps, objects, sounds and technology can be used to enhance teaching.

A Disabled Child’s Right to Play Music

OHMI Trust's objective is to remove the barriers to music-making faced by the physically disabled. For Disability History Month, they tell us all about their work.

The Social Model of Disability

ATL Equality and Diversity Committee member, Jill Saunders discusses the impact of the social model of disability.  

Dyslexia in the Classroom

CPD for Trainee and NQ Teachers looking at Dyslexia in the Classroom.

Disabled Teachers Conference 2017

Do you identify as disabled? If you do you should come along to this years’ NUT Disabled Teachers Conference. The conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with other disabled teachers from across England and Wales and discuss current issues important to disabled members.

East Sussex, Brighton and Hove learning event - Autism Spectrum Condition workshop and free Brighton i360 flight

East Sussex, Brighton and Hove learning event. Julia Rowlandson will lead us through a two hour session on supporting and working effectively with pupils with Autism Spectrum Condition.
Motion #14
Mon, 2017

THAT Conference recognises the effects of austerity on the lives and living standards of disabled people since 2010 and supports a social model of disability where the barriers preventing people from fully participating in education, work and society are addressed rather than the disability itsel

Guidance on disability issues

This guidance aims to provide an overview of the rights of disabled workers in schools and colleges and provide practical advice for union reps and members on how to achieve equality for disabled staff.