Eastern Support Staff Conference

Summer Conference for all Support Staff in the Eastern Region, including early afternoon tea.

Get ready to Flamingle!

I always return to work after the Easter holidays a little more refreshed than after any other holiday.
Motion #5
Mon, 2018
  • Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

THAT Conference notes current NEU-ATL section guidance regarding best practice for CPD.

We believe that CPD and learning should be effective and have an impact on your practice. The learning zone gives you with all the information that you need to make sure you are developing your skills whether that is through an ATL national CPD course, reps courses, online learning or through attending local learning events. However you want to develop we want to be there with you – supporting and guiding you as a professional.

CPD factsheet

ATL wants to help its members develop professionally and personally throughout the course of their careers.

Training for reps

ATL provides a whole range of training courses for new and existing reps. All courses take place in a friendly and supportive environment and are designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to be an effective rep.

Taking time off for CPD

This factsheet provides information about getting time off work for continuing professional development (CPD).

The Reading Race

In the last of our blogs on embedding English, we will look at a classroom activity for developing learners’ reading skills and some ways to incorporate differentiation.

How teachers can use learners’ errors to develop their accuracy with language through a classroom activity

In the second of the blogs, we’ll be looking at how teachers can use learners’ errors to develop their accuracy with language through a classroom activity.

Embedding English: From Classroom to Common Inspection Framework

As part of ATL's Union Learning Fund project, ATL Midlands have organized their first English and maths week. This is the first of three blogs we'll feature this week from Joanne Miles about embedding English.