Classroom skills

Teaching essential skills

Tom Ravenscroft, Founder & CEO of Enabling Enterprise, an award-winning social enterprise working with schools on developing employability skills, shares his experience.

Taking Care of Your Voice

The aim of this workshop is to raise awareness of the need to pay attention to the voice, and to give some practical exercises and tips that attendees can take away and put into practice in their everyday teaching and voice care routine.

The Positive Classroom: A Conference for New Professionals

A free one-day conference for trainees and those in the first three years of teaching.

The Right to Write

Every teacher is a teacher of English and every student is required to write. This interactive CPD event develops teachers’ and teacher assistants' skills to improve their students’ non-fiction writing.

Pupil Engagement for new teachers "Stop looking at the ceiling tiles" (York)

This is always a very popular session. Ensuring your pupils are engaged in your lessons will not only make your lessons flourish, it will also help you to manage behaviour effectively. This interactive and extremely useful session will get you on the right track to outstanding lessons. Delivered by Dave York, education consultant.

Hampshire District meeting with EAL training

Hampshire District meeting with EAL training

Think Code! At KS2

FREE workshop on teaching CODE skills at KS2 Learn how to deliver the National Curriculum in Computing at Teacher of Computer Science, Shebbear College

Mastering Mindsets: Developing Growth Mindsets in Schools and Colleges

Using case studies and real world discussion points, Mastering Mindsets takes you through an interactive introduction of exactly what it means to have a growth mindset. It looks at the advantages of adopting a growth mindset and how one might begin to move away from a fixed mindset.

Engaging the Disengaged Learner

Engaging the Disengaged is a though provoking and interactive event that looks at how educators can begin to engage and rekindle the interest of their students with their own learning.

Cracking Cross Curricular English (South Yorkshire)

Every teacher is a teacher of English and every student is required to write. This interactive training event develops teachers’ skills to enable their students to write more effectively.