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Appraisal Workshop

Appraisal is an important and unavoidable part of educator’s work. It can be easy to see appraisal as a challenging and even worrying process, but it creates opportunities for dialogue and personal growth as an effective teacher. Appraisal can help hone your practice, and a way to create a positive dialogue with senior leadership.
Motion #44
Wed, 2017
  • Inner London

THAT Conference is concerned at the increase in staff appraisal targets related to unrealistic numerical goals such as a 100% pass rate for pupils.

Conference therefore asks the Executive Committee to:


Being A Rep E-News (appraisal) - June 2012

News for ATL reps foccusing on the new appraisal sytem - June 2012

Teacher appraisals: setting objectives

Agreeing objectives for performance appraisal with your appraiser is a key issue for all teachers.
Teachers talking

How appraisal works

The performance management system for teachers in England is governed by the Education (School Teachers’ Appraisal) (England) Regulations 2012. All schools must have an appraisal policy.

Appraisal review meetings

Preparing for a teacher appraisal review meeting is time well spent.

Teacher appraisal in England

This factsheet aims to provide clear, practical guidance to ATL members working as teachers in schools in England on the appraisal system that was introduced in September 2012.