Support staff are professionals

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Motion #3
  • Executive Committee

THAT Conference notes the success of ATL in publishing the TA Standards in 2016 and the positive effect that these have had in the schools that have adopted them. However, support staff members are still not being respected as a valued and professional part of the education workforce. Support staff are still underestimated, undervalued and not recognised for the significant role they play in schools and colleges. There is a gross misunderstanding of the varied and vital roles that support staff undertake within education, leading to misconceptions about the value and professional standing of this essential and diverse workforce. These misconceptions mean that support staff are often left behind or left out when it comes to training and development, stifling chosen career paths. Also, there is still the perception that support staff are a ‘mums’ army’ who do little more than wash paint pots and create displays. The reality is much different.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council:

(i) research and publicise the reality of the scope, range and breadth of education support staff roles and the impact they have in schools and colleges.

(ii) campaign for support staff to have equal access to training, development and CPD within their respective roles.