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Emergency motion #4

THAT Conference notes that although a consultation began with staff from the legacy NUT and ATL sections in February 2018 regarding NEU national and regional staffing and operational structures (due to become operational in September 2018), no arrangements have yet been made for existing members of the NUT section holding leadership roles to transfer their membership to AMiE.

Conference reaffirms the strong endorsement given at the 2016 Special Conference for continuing AMiE’s mission to champion ethical leadership under a specialist national banner with the same breadth of member benefits and supports within an NEU for all education professionals.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council should:

  1. immediately institute processes to facilitate the transfer of NUT members holding leadership posts to AMiE to ascertain clearly the true size of the leader membership
  2. consult all members in the leadership section on their priorities to inform revision of legacy AMiE policies and practice in line with the aims of the NEU
  3. pursue with vigour opportunities for closer working relationships and potential mergers with other education based leadership trade unions
  4. ensure that AMiE, as the leadership and management section, should enjoy an equivalent position in the NEU as it does currently in the ATL section and that this be written into the rules.