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And so it begins...

And so it begins - Nicky Morgan’s bonkers announcement that the leaders of ‘failing or coasting’ schools will have their headteachers removed and be forced to join an academy chain is bad policy making from an education secretary who is either naïve, or ignorant, or both.

There is policy and reality. Why can't we bring the two together?

Dual professionalism was meant to leap the chasm of teacher practitioner and industry expert.

When will all of our children and teachers have the learning environments that they deserve?

Purposeful; Calm; Bright; Interesting; Clean. These words sum up the physical environment of both Stanley Park High and Springwell Learning Community.

Education has remained in the shadows of the election debates

Education policy has not been a prominent feature of the election campaign.  Political parties have vied for the mantle of NHS saviour and it is health, not education, which has taken pole position in the debates about public service provision.

I predicted this catastrophe in teacher supply. It should have been avoided.

Tristram Hunt has pledged that Labour would reform School Direct, the school based ITT model introduced by the coalition government under the ‘direction’ of the National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL).

Stating the obvious, or the importance of aims and values

The Curriculum is more than simply facts and figures arranged into subjects; as Dylan William has stated “The National Curriculum is the intended curriculum which then gives rise to the implemented curriculum. Neither are the real or enacted curriculum, the daily lived experience of young people in classrooms; curriculum is pedagogy.”

The self-imploding system

Following the speech Tristram Hunt gave at the ATL conference outlining Labour’s education policies, this, along with increasing noise from other parties suggests a certain inevitability about inspection reform. It now feels like a case of how much and how quickly.

Igniting a passion for learning

The mood at Stanley Park High is a happy one, in which all students and staff are united in joint purpose – learning. The students were engaged in their lessons and moved around the school in a calm yet purposeful manner. They are proud of their work, keen to do well and have true respect for their teachers.

The workload is part of the job... isn't it?

ATL Future have undertaken a survey of teachers new to the profession to ascertain the attractiveness of teaching and the results are powerful, shocking and yet unsurprising.

Ofsted has become a weapon of fear and terror - it's time for a different approach

In private, and off the record, politicians of all political persuasions will admit that Ofsted is no longer, if it ever was, the key to  raising  educational standards.