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This draconian and partisan bill has no democratic mandate

ATL vice-president Shelagh Hirst is among the members of ATL's Policy Council attending TUC this year. On Monday, she spoke to a motion on the Trade Union Bill. 

Education Select Committee, there are questions we want answered

Last week ATL submitted evidence to the Education Select Committee on the work of Ofsted, based on members' views and experiences - including their pledges to our vision for inspection.

We have collectively chosen to drive the car towards an increasingly unequal society

James Meadway, Chief Economist at the New Economics Foundation gives us his thoughts ahead of Tuesday's TUC fringe 'Will the current education system deliver skills for the workforce of the future?

Put students at the heart of the curriculum, not political ideologies

Stanley Park High recently hosted a visit for ATL members. In my last blog, I explained about their Excellent Futures Curriculum, and the pupil-led graduation ceremony that we observed.

Academies are the government's childlike solution - to everything

Laura McInerney, editor of Schools Week,  gives us her take on the first 100 days of a Conservative government.

Stop turning every wild idea into policy

Nansi Ellis, ATL assistant general secretary (policy),  gives us her take on the first 100 days of a Conservative government.

This politicisation of public examinations must not be allowed to happen

On Sunday, schools minister Nick Gibb is reported to have expressed ‘greatest concern’ in response to Ofqual’s report on OCR’s problems in marking exam papers in time last summer.

FGM – Are we talking to the right people?

Over the past few years media attention on female genital mutilation (FGM) has increased dramatically. From a subject that most people would have struggled to define, many members of the general public are aware of and concerned about ending the practice.

Soft skills are on the curriculum at Stanley Park High

Every week we see headlines decrying the crisis of skills teaching in our schools, the gist: our schools fail to prepare our children for the world of work. John Cridland, CBI Director-General, said recently: “Businesses feel very strongly that the education system must better prepare young people for life outside the school gates, or risk wasting their talents.