Maternity, carers or adoption membership scheme

Pregnant woman at a computer
The Association of Teachers and Lecturers offers free membership for members on maternity, carers or adoption leave.

This scheme is only available to existing members of ATL who have completed their first year's subscription payments and applies for a period of no longer than three years; it does not provide working cover.

Members who join this scheme are entitled to all other benefits offered by the ATL, including legal advice related to their time in employment, including KIT days, as covered by their paid membership. Report magazine will continue to be sent to your home address, along with free copies of ATL publications on request.

Membership payments

If you pay your membership monthly by direct debit and you have registered on the maternity and carers scheme then your payments will not be collected after your leave has started. If you have paid your membership in full for the current membership year then any monies paid in excess will be refunded to you shortly after the application is processed.

If you have only paid part of your membership, then the balance needs to be paid to the required level of cover for the months worked in that year before membership can be transferred.

You can only transfer onto the maternity, carers or adoption membership rate when your membership is clear of any arrears.

Members on extended leave

Once the above criteria are satisfied and you are not working (or being paid), you are entitled to apply for free maternity, carers or adoption membership. This membership rate is free for the period of time you are not working up to a maximum period of three years.

Members who normally pay by direct debit should not cancel the instruction with their bank as they would be required to complete a new mandate form when their payments recommence – however, if a payment to ATL has not been made in the previous 13 months, a new mandate may still be required.

ATL is unable to apply retrospective discounts to a member's record relating to previous subscription years.

Applying for the scheme

In order to apply for the scheme please email the ATL membership team and you will be sent a brief form to fill in and return. The form will confirm your contact details and request estimated dates of the start of your leave and your return to work. These dates can be updated at any point by letting the membership team know, however, both are essential for the form to be processed.