Schools need more funding, not a revised new funding formula

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Press release
13 March 2017 by ATL Media Office
Commenting on the letter to the Prime Minister from the f40 group, Association of Teachers and Lecturers general secretary, Dr Mary Bousted, said: “The proposed national funding formula is not the problem causing the crisis in school budgets. The problem we have is that there is just not enough money in the overall funding settlement.

“For a Conservative Government, the formula is remarkably progressive because it rightly gives greater weight to deprived pupils, those with low prior attainment and English as an additional language.

“The f40 is wrong to object to this emphasis on giving more support to deprived children because the unpalatable fact is that pupils’ educational achievements are dictated by their circumstances. Over the last five years pupils from low income homes have disproportionately left school without five good GCSEs.

“We have no problem with the funding formula’s weighting for deprivation because poor pupils need significantly more support to achieve their potential.

“But, so inadequate is the overall funding that even paltry rises in teachers’ pay, together with increased national insurance and pensions contributions, are proving to be the last straw for school budgets. And that is without the cost to schools of implementing Government education policy changes.

“Yet, at the same time, the Government is allowing the Education Funding Agency to buy land and buildings at hugely inflated prices to build free schools – and often in areas where extra places aren’t needed.

“I urge parents, school leaders, governors and unions not to waste time aiming at the wrong target, but concentrate our efforts on fighting/campaigning for more money for our schools.”


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