KS2 assessment: Greening says she will listen

02 November 2016 by ATL
ATL has been working hard to secure commitments from the secretary of state, Justine Greening, not to use last year's KS2 data to determine schools' futures and to ensure that the debacle of implementing last year's tests is not repeated this year.

In a written ministerial statement, Justine Greening, has announced she intends to listen to the concerns of ATL members - and there will be no intervention in schools based on 2016 data alone.

The secretary of state has also indicated she intends to work with the profession to develop an assessment system that benefits children and teachers as well as ensuring schools can demonstrate they provide a good education. Therefore, there will be no new national tests introduced before September 2018.

While we welcome the secretary of state's announcement - which signals a new approach to working with the profession - we will be looking closely at the detail to understand whether there will be a positive change to the KS2 tests children will undertake in the summer.

We will be consulting with primary members shortly about whether you consider the Government's proposals go far enough to answer your concerns, and asking our leadership members what activity they might undertake to secure further improvements.

Further changes to assessment

The secretary of state has also indicated her commitment not to implement KS2 resits in year seven, to allow teachers to use their professional judgement over conducting SPAG tests in KS1, and to reconsider how progress is measured in primary schools. ATL is also expecting significantly improved teacher assessment moderation guidance on writing.

The long overdue publication of the Rochford review is welcome, which will look into assessing children who are below national curriculum expectations.

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