Ballot on non-party political fund

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28 September 2017 by ATL
The NEU Political Fund ballot has now closed and we are pleased to report that members have voted overwhelmingly in favour of establishing a Political Fund.

The National Education Union is now the largest education union in Europe and our size and strength will make a real difference in campaigning to protect education for children, young people and adults.  The establishment of the NEU Political Fund will allow the Union to campaign effectively on the political stage and to seek to influence the political agenda whilst maintaining independence from any political party.

The Union will on request, supply the result of the ballot and the independent Scrutineer’s Report to a member of the National Education Union, free of charge. Please send your request to

Notice of Exemption

Any NEU member can obtain exemption from contributing to the Political Fund by sending the notice of exemption to the Joint General Secretaries at the postal or email addresses on the notice.  On receiving a notice of exemption, the NEU will send an acknowledgement of receipt to the member at the address in the notice and shall process the exemption as soon as is practicably possible.  This notice is given on 23 November and will be effective for one month (ending on 23 December).  Thereafter, members can opt-out of contributing to the Fund by completing and returning a notice of exemption which will be available on the NEU website.  Such notices of exemption shall become effective as from the first day of January following receipt of that notice.

Download the notice of exemption form