ATL comment on compulsory gender diversity training for college staff

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Press release
18 July 2017 by ATL Media Office
ATL comments on the reported calls for compulsory gender diversity training for staff working in sixth form and FE colleges.

Nansi Ellis, assistant general secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL), said: “Teaching young people about sex and relationships, including gender identity, helps them to respect and understand others. Parents support this, education professionals support this and, most importantly, young people want this. ATL believes that PSHE and SRE should be compulsory in all schools so it can help young people to become resilient, well-rounded, and confident adults.

"ATL believes teachers need help to become confident in teaching PSHE in their schools through better initial teacher training in PSHE, ongoing continuing professional development and up-to-date guidance and training. PSHE should be a discrete statutory subject which reinforces life skills across the whole curriculum.

“Schools and colleges should be proactive in their approach to creating trans-inclusive policies for both staff and students and they must create an environment in which everyone, whatever their gender identity, feel equally welcome and valued, and in which transphobic, sexist attitudes and behaviours are challenged.”