Teacher and lecturer membership

For all teachers and lecturers, including supply teachers and teachers without QTS.

Join today and save 50 per cent off your first year's membership, which works out at £8.75 or less per month.

The rates listed on this page include the 50 per cent discount and ensure you have full cover and protection for 12 months from the date of joining. The discount is effective from 1 January 2017 and applies to those who qualified before 2015. For those who qualified in 2016, visit the NQ page.

To join, go to our secure online joining form or call our membership hotline on 0845 057 7000 (local rates).

Single payment by direct debit* Monthly payment by direct debit**

Working more than 3 days a week on average (more than 0.6 of a timetable)

£103 £8.75 a month
Working 3 days or less a week on average (0.6 or less of a timetable)
£53 £4.50 a month

* Single annual payment is the cheapest option

** Direct debits are collected over a maximum of 12 months, subject to the month of joining. Example instalment schedule shown - you will be advised of your instalment schedule following enrolment and prior to any direct debit payments being collected.

Further information on membership

If you are unsure which category of membership to apply for, or if you have any queries about your eligibility for membership, please see our section on eligibility for membership, or contact the ATL / AMiE membership department on tel: 020 7782 1602 or the ATL recruitment hotline on 0845 057 7000 (local rates apply) between Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Alternatively, email our membership department.

Members may be able to claim income tax relief on up to nine-tenths of their annual subscription, provided it is paid from earned income. For more information, please see claiming tax relief on your ATL subscriptions.

You should ensure that your membership is correct and fully up to date in order to access the full range of ATL benefits for members.

As with any other union, ATL is unable to offer representation or assistance (including legal advice) with problems that arose before you joined. Prospective members should declare any such problems in a letter with their application form.

Terms and conditions apply.