Retiring members

We're here to help and support you in your retirement. Although you're retiring from teaching, we know that you are still a teaching professional and that you will want to keep in touch with your profession.

If you are a member of ATL and retiring from teaching or lecturing, our retired membership package will help you to make the most of your retirement, whilst continuing to offer the level of information and support that you've come to expect from us.

If you will be undertaking any teaching after retirement, it is essential to retain your ATL standard membership to maintain access to expert legal assistance and comprehensive insurance protection against personal accidents, accidents to pupils, and loss or damage to property or cash. If you leave ATL we will not be able to assist you with legal advice or support. This applies even if you are seeking help with an issue that dates back to the time when you were a member.

Keeping in contact

We will send you Report, our highly respected magazine for members, to help you keep up to date with current issues within your profession. Our well-regarded range of publications and acclaimed research reports will be available free of charge, and you will also be able to access information and support from our website.


You will continue to receive discounts on existing insurance policies with Aviva, taken out whilst you were a standard ATL member. We have also negotiated a range of additional travel insurance policies on single trip and annual policies, with our retired members in mind.

Help from ATL

To ensure you can make the most of your retirement, our specialist staff and representatives in your local area will provide expert guidance on all aspects of retirement and re-employment, including comprehensive advice on the Teachers' Pension Scheme.

We have member advisors on hand to help with any employment queries you have, as well as out-of-hours support (Mon to Fri, 5-7.30pm during term time). For contact details, see our Need help now? page.

The ATL Trust Fund is also available, working sympathetically and confidentially to help you and your dependents, in times of illness or financial hardship.

Your money

ATL has negotiated a wide range of money-saving benefits and services to help you fully enjoy your retirement. To find out more about all the offers available to ATL members under our ATL Plus scheme, see our discounts and offers page.

Staying involved with ATL

Although you may be retiring from work, you're still a teaching professional and you've still got a lot to contribute. Life doesn't stop once you stop working - and neither does your role within ATL.

That's why you can continue to be fully involved and have your say in our work, both at local and national level.

Your local branch offers you ways to keep up with activities and events, maintain contact with former colleagues as well as make new friends. Many retired members are elected to become committee members and remain actively involved in ATL and the future of teaching.

Don't delay

If you are retiring from teaching or lecturing this year it doesn't mean you have to retire from membership of ATL. Many of the benefits you've experienced as a standard member are still available to you at a highly reduced rate.

You can transfer to retired membership for just £36 per year. Just complete the retirement membership form, enclosing your method of payment and we will transfer you to retired membership at the end of the year covered by your last full subscription.

Terms and conditions apply