Renewing your ATL membership

ATL membership is for a 12-month period.

Please see our page on renewal rates for the latest rates for 2017.

The subscription amount is an annual fee although members may choose to pay this in instalments. Your renewal date will either be your original join date or from the expiry date of your last payment period (check the expiry date of your last ATL membership card for your payment period date). If you are unclear about your expiry date, please contact the ATL membership department (see below for contact details).

Member subscription advice notices (for members paying by direct debit) and membership renewal notices (for members who do not have an active direct debit and so need to pay by cheque/credit or debit card or set up a new direct debit) are sent out between six weeks and two months before you are due to renew.

It is the member's responsibility to ensure their subscription fee for the year is paid in full. ATL's membership department will endeavour to contact a member through either a home or work address. Members should note that if you only receive correspondence from ATL at your work address we may not have home address details on file. This notice will inform members how much they owe or how much will be collected by direct debit over what period.

In the case of direct debit payers, contact will be attempted through the bank if no other contact address is available to inform them of the direct debit amount to be collected each year.

To renew your membership, you can print and complete the PDF form below and return it to: Membership department, ATL, 7 Northumberland Street, London WC2N 5RD.

ATL's membership department can also take credit and debit card payments and set up new direct debit instruction by telephone (tel: 020 7930 6441). The office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If all our staff are busy dealing with other members you may hear a message; please leave your details and a contact number, and we will return your call.

What happens if ATL cannot contact a member?

If ATL is unable to contact a member before the first collection of the year, the direct debit will not be collected. It is the member's responsibility to ensure the ATL has a valid contact address and is able to collect a valid direct debit or for ATL to be able to contact the member at a valid postal address.

If a member has failed to pay in full after three months of the subscription due date, membership of ATL is deemed lapsed. At this time, ATL has normally attempted to contact the member three times to any address held on file, unless information has been received that the address is no longer valid.

Any member who has lapsed should contact ATL's membership department as, depending on the date they lapsed, the outstanding subscription on their record may need to be paid before they are eligible to rejoin. Once your membership has been restored and full professional cover is available to you, we must advise that in accordance with the Association's rule 4.3 we would not be able to assist on any matter that arose prior to your restoration to membership.

More information

In order for us to be able to offer you legal assistance you must ensure that you keep either your standard or retired membership payment up to date. If you choose to leave or are lapsed due to non-payment, ATL will not be able to assist you with legal advice or support. This applies even if you are seeking help with an issue that dates back to the time when you were a paid-up member.

For further help or advice, please email the membership department at ATL or call tel: 020 7930 6441 during office hours. Alternatively, write to Membership department, ATL, 7 Northumberland Street, London WC2N 5RD. Please have your membership number to hand when telephoning and include it with any correspondence - this will help us to answer your query more quickly.

Need more help?

If you haven't found the answer to your membership query on the page above, you can contact our membership team on tel: 020 7930 6441 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm), or you can email us. If you are an ATL / AMiE member, please have your membership number to hand when telephoning and include it with any correspondence - this will help us to answer your query more quickly.