Devolution of teachers’ pay and conditions in Wales

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Emergency motion #2

THAT conference notes the Welsh Government’s 9th March 2018 consultation announcement on a “Proposed mechanism for determining teachers’ pay and conditions” in Wales, in the form of an independent review body (“the teacher engagement model”) whose recommendations are subject to formal public consultation every year.

Conference is extremely concerned by the proposals that decisions and recommendations on teachers’ pay and conditions in Wales should be the subject of a full public consultation each year. Acceptance of this proposal will set a precedent that would raise concerns for public service employment as a whole.

Whatever model is settled upon, Conference believes that we should engage in the process of decision making on teachers’ pay and work to ensure that the devolution of school teachers’ pay and conditions will not further depress teachers’ pay in Wales.

Accordingly, Conference calls upon the Executive Committee to put forward to the Joint Executive Council that the Joint Executive Council take appropriate steps in Wales that seek to ensure that:

i) the First Minister will make good on his promise “that there is no question – no question at all – of teachers in Wales being paid less than teachers in England” and that teachers’ pay in Wales will keep pace with awards in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland

ii) the First Minister and Cabinet Secretary remove proposals for annual public consultation upon pay under whichever model is eventually decided upon

iii) the NEU will approach and work with other public sector trade unions to secure (ii) above

iv) pay awards for teachers in Wales will be fully funded by the Welsh Government

v) a national pay structure for teachers and senior leaders is retained with clear and transparent mechanisms for pay progression through national pay scales and a principle of pay portability between all schools in Wales

vi) existing national conditions of service are retained and enhanced;

vii) supply teachers employed in maintained schools will be guaranteed a minimum daily rate that reflects their experience and standing within the national pay structure including access and contributions to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme 

viii) teachers’ pay will always include an element which compensates for compulsory registration fees to the Education Workforce Council.