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Rep induction training (Northern)

25 April 2018
If you are a new rep or a rep who has not attended training in the last three years you should attend the Induction course in your region.

Teens, Turmoil and Transition: Adolescent Mental Health

26 April 2018
This course will aim to provide those working with young people with a solid understanding of mental health and wellbeing during the teenage years, alongside tools for supporting teenagers and young people.

Differentiation across the Curriculum

27 April 2018
Ensuring that every pupil in your class makes “rapid and sustained progress” can sometimes seem like an impossible task – especially when within your class there are pupils of widely differing abilities. How do you make sure “Clever Claire” is “stretched and challenged” while “Vulnerable Victor” is still struggling to copy down today’s date.

Talent Management: how to recognise and nurture the talent around you in difficult times

02 May 2018
This one day workshop will provide plenty of insight as to how to set about further developing the talent around you to ensure win-win situations and that you “grow your own” talent for the future.

Eating Disorders, Body Image and Young People

02 May 2018
This interactive workshop offers an opportunity to develop your knowledge, awareness and understanding of eating disordered behaviour, from a young person’s perspective, and to look at what lies behind this emotive issue.

Stage 3 rep training (London & South East)

03 May 2018
Workplace Rep Stage 3 (Negotiating Skills): The focus of the final day of the core training will help you to feel more confident when meeting managers and assisting members through negotiations and bargaining.

Memory Working? Working Memory? - The link between Memory & Academic Attainment

03 May 2018
Research demonstrates a direct link between working memory difficulties and learners’ academic attainment. Having a good working memory is strongly linked to reading and academic achievement while a low working memory capacity can manifest itself in a student’s lack of focus, difficulty in remembering instructions and disorganised and erratic behaviour.

Induction: making it work for you & Taking students off-site (Newcastle)

05 May 2018
This event will equip you with some important information for new teachers. Our first workshop will cover everything you should expect from Induction, what your rights and responsibilities are and how to ensure you successfully flourish as a new teacher. The second workshop will look at school trips and what your responsibilities are in terms of planning, risk assessment, health & safety.

Effective risk assessment in an education environment

09 May 2018
Employers, including schools, have a legal duty to assess health and safety risks. Any individual carrying out a risk assessment needs to have the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to develop effective assessments. This one day course is a mix of theory and practical sessions developed to assist attaining the knowledge, skills and, most importantly, practical confidence, that is required to enable staff members plan and conduct suitable and sufficient risk assessments on return to the workplace.

Union Learning Rep stage 3 (York)

10 May 2018
ULRs specialise in advising and supporting members with their continuing personal and professional development. They work closely with school/college members and management to identify ways to improve access and quality of current provision, as well as source new opportunities.