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Promoting Positive Mental Health in Primary and Early Years Settings

08 February 2018
Drawing on perspectives offered by neuroscience, psychology and child development, the course aims to enable participants to feel more competent and confident in supporting parents and carers to promote good mental health and in recognising and addressing social and emotional needs in the children they work with.

Apply Yourself: job applications & interview skills (York)

10 February 2018
From application to interview, we'll provide you with lots of advice to ensure you get on the right track to applying for your first job. Our advice comes from a number of sources and is delivered by someone who regularly sits on interview panels in schools.

Memory Working? Working Memory? - The link between Memory & Academic Attainment

20 February 2018
Research demonstrates a direct link between working memory difficulties and learners’ academic attainment. Having a good working memory is strongly linked to reading and academic achievement while a low working memory capacity can manifest itself in a student’s lack of focus, difficulty in remembering instructions and disorganised and erratic behaviour.

Union Learning Rep stage 2 (York)

20 February 2018
ULRs specialise in advising and supporting members with their continuing personal and professional development. They work closely with school/college members and management to identify ways to improve access and quality of current provision, as well as source new opportunities.

AMiE CPD - Workload: What's Possible?

21 February 2018
No-one would disagree that workload has increased. Some serious thinking needs to be done to address this. There are three main areas, which have been identified by the profession, unions and the Department for Education which are causing additional workload. This course will explore those aspects of teacher practice which have greatest impact on workload and which can be addressed by reconsidering a demanding curriculum, what counts as information about pupils’ progress and how proper feedback trumps shallow marking.

Differentiation across the Curriculum

22 February 2018
Ensuring that every pupil in your class makes “rapid and sustained progress” can sometimes seem like an impossible task – especially when within your class there are pupils of widely differing abilities. How do you make sure “Clever Claire” is “stretched and challenged” while “Vulnerable Victor” is still struggling to copy down today’s date.

Eating Disorders and Young People

22 February 2018
Supporting children with Eating Disorders.

Phonics 4 Everyone (South Yorkshire)

24 February 2018
This training event identifies pupils’ difficulties learning phonics. It provides strategies to teach phonics at wave 2 and 3 across the key stages demonstrating how to embed this learning into reading and spelling. Innovative ways to achieve this are demonstrated and practiced in this interactive session.

Managing Anxiety & Stress: An Awareness workshop

27 February 2018
Everybody feels anxious at some point in their lives; starting a new job, trying to meet a deadline, sitting an exam, we expect to feel agitated and nervous. But when that anxiety is not managed it can develop into a more series mental health problem -an anxiety disorder, stress or depression.