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Introductory Voice Care Training Workshop

17 October 2017
The aim of this workshop is to raise awareness of the need to pay attention to the voice, and to give some practical exercises and tips that attendees can take away and put into practice in their everyday teaching and voice care routine.

Essential Behaviour Training

18 October 2017
Disruptive student behaviour is an all too common frustration for teachers, lecturers and support staff. Poor behaviour is not only a barrier to learning it can also threaten the health and wellbeing of education professionals. While there is an understandable desire for a “magic key” to behaviour management the reality is that successfully managed classrooms depend on several key factors.

Dealing with workplace ill health and sickness absence (Manchester)

18 October 2017
This one day course will look at advising and representing ATL members in relation to ill health and sickness absence, while aiming to develop an organising approach around issues.

Promoting Positive Mental Health in Primary and Early Years Settings

18 October 2017
Drawing on perspectives offered by neuroscience, psychology and child development, the course aims to enable participants to feel more competent and confident in supporting parents and carers to promote good mental health and in recognising and addressing social and emotional needs in the children they work with.

Moving into Management in Education (London)

18 October 2017
This workshop is aimed at anyone who is thinking about applying for a leadership Job in Education, or who is newly appointed.

Engaging the Disengaged Learner

18 October 2017
Engaging the Disengaged is a though provoking and interactive event that looks at how educators can begin to engage and rekindle the interest of their students with their own learning.

Managing the Tricky Class: Practical Behaviour Management

18 October 2017
Mastering behaviour management is one of the biggest challenges facing teachers, particularly those new to the profession. Delivered by Lisa Miller, a former teacher and now education consultant specialising in discipline and behaviour management, the session will cover both theory and practice to help you manage your students.

Safeguarding in Schools

18 October 2017
Join us for a brief lecture on Safeguarding in schools. This lecture, delivered by one of our Regional NEU team is aimed at trainee and newly qualified members.

ATL Future: Safeguarding lecture

18 October 2017
This session explores the part that teachers, support staff and the school play in safeguarding children.

The Right to Write

18 October 2017
Every teacher is a teacher of English and every student is required to write. This interactive CPD event develops teachers’ and teacher assistants' skills to improve their students’ non-fiction writing.