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Mastering Mindsets: Developing Growth Mindsets in Schools and Colleges

10 October 2017
Using case studies and real world discussion points, Mastering Mindsets takes you through an interactive introduction of exactly what it means to have a growth mindset. It looks at the advantages of adopting a growth mindset and how one might begin to move away from a fixed mindset.

Managing the Tricky Class: Practical Behaviour Management

11 October 2017
Mastering behaviour management is one of the biggest challenges facing teachers, particularly those new to the profession. This session will cover both theory and practice to help you manage your students.

Talent Management : how to recognise and nurture the talent around you in difficult times

12 October 2017
Against the backdrop of an extremely challenging funding environment, we are moving to a time when talent management will be not simply a “nice to have” but an essential part of leading and managing in education.

Moving into Management

12 October 2017
AMiE's Director, Mark Wright, gives you tips on how to prepare for a Management role. This session explores the key issues to consider should you aspire to become an effective manager.

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia: Top Tips

12 October 2017
Make a difference for your learners with dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Phonics 4 Everyone (North Yorkshire)

14 October 2017
This training event identifies pupils’ difficulties learning phonics. It provides strategies to teach phonics at wave 2 and 3 across the key stages demonstrating how to embed this learning into reading and spelling. Innovative ways to achieve this are demonstrated and practiced in this interactive session.

Chilled Educators: The Seven Keys to Beating Stress plus Workload Campaign Session

14 October 2017
A free CPD session and workload campaign session: 09:30 - Welcome and introductions 09:45 - Chilled Educators: The Seven Keys to Beating Stress 11:45 - Workload campaign 12:30 - Finish

Managing the menopause and maintaining a healthy, balanced life

14 October 2017
Annie Candeland is working in partnership with ATL, to both energise and empower participants to positively manage the menopause and to improve well-being and enjoyment of life.

Disabled Teachers Conference 2017

14 October 2017
Do you identify as disabled? If you do you should come along to this years’ NUT Disabled Teachers Conference. The conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with other disabled teachers from across England and Wales and discuss current issues important to disabled members.

Rep induction training (South West)

17 October 2017
If you are a new rep or a rep who has not attended training in the last three years you should attend the Induction course in your region.