ATL in the maintained sector

Please note: the ATL website is no longer being updated and will be taken down soon.

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ATL represents teachers in maintained schools across the UK. As a member of social partnership, ATL works with government to agree significant changes to your contract, including: reduction in administrative tasks; allocation of 10% of the timetabled week for planning, preparation and assessment; and an end to cover and exam invigilation.

ATL negotiates your pay and pensions including TLRs for pastoral responsibilities and safeguarding the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS). We played a major role in creating clear robust standards for teachers entering the profession, and ensured access to CPD was made a mandatory part of performance management.

ATL also represents supply teachers employed by schools, LAs and agencies. We campaign to ensure agency supply teachers receive a fair wage and access to the TPS.

Specialist support

In addition to all the usual services you would expect from a union, such as first-class advice and support, ATL commits considerable resources to supporting our members in the maintained sector.

ATL offers you:

  • staff dedicated to negotiating your pay, pensions and working conditions
  • campaigns on issues such as workload, rural poverty and changes to the curriculum
  • a chance to take part in developing policy which affects your working life through member groups, surveys and research
  • Report, our award-winning magazine focusing on education initiatives and policy
  • a website packed with key information, advice and support
  • publications and factsheets containing help and advice, covering such topics as cyberbullying, discipline and pensions
  • tailored training courses including managing behaviour, leading teams and preparing for retirement.