ATL in academies and free schools

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ATL represents over 20,000 teaching, support staff and leadership members working in the 3,000+ academies and free schools in England, and this membership figure is growing all the time.

As a modern trade union, ATL believes in providing the best possible representation and support for its members wherever they work, and continually strives to improve the benefits of membership to the education professionals who work in academies and free schools.

You can view a complete list of the recognition agreements ATL has developed with a number of academy sponsors, including OASIS Community Learning, Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), Harris Federation and Edutrust Academies Charitable Trust (EACT).

Specialist support

ATL commits considerable resources to representing our academy and free school members.

ATL is the only trade union that can offer you all of the following:

All the above is in addition to the usual services you would expect such as first-class advice and support. It's worth knowing that, should you wait until a problem arises before considering union membership, union rules will preclude you from receiving immediate assistance - this is known as the 'pre-existing problem' rule. So to be safe in the knowledge that you have the protection and backing that only ATL can provide, join today.

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