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Coasting schools: why the Education Bill proposals will harm the most disadvantaged

The designation ‘coasting’ severely disadvantages maintained schools – and is designed to do so.

Clock is ticking for Ofsted on FoI requests

On June 30, ATL submitted a Freedom of Information (FoI) request regarding the failure of 1,200 inspectors to pass Ofsted's rigorous new assessment process.

A learning and teaching toolkit for vocational education

Professor Bill Lucas will be giving a keynote speech at the ATL's FE conference 2015 in London on Friday 10 July.

One Size Does Not Fit All, Conquering the KS3 Cliff Edge

For many children in this country starting secondary school can be a pivotal moment. The TES recently reported the following: “A range of studies over the past 20 years has shown that about two out of five pupils fail to make progress on standardised tests of English, mathematics and reading by the end of their first year in secondary school.”

Government needs to give up the backseat driving

Politicians and practitioners ideally work together to take education on a shared journey so it doesn’t bode well that the two have significantly different views on the start point and what’s required to make it a successful trip.

Cridland's comprehensive demolition job on Tory education policy

John Cridland, director general of the CBI, cannot remotely be named or shamed as a member of the education ‘blob’.  And yet his speech to the Festival of Education is dynamite – and it is the current Conservative government’s education policies which he is exploding.

Is a bottom-up approach to professionalism the answer for the FE sector? 

I was invited to chair a session on the Policy Contexts of Professionalism, as part of the in the Developing Collaborative Expertise in the Further Education Sector seminar series.

Caring for Carers

This week is Carers Week and 2015 has been the year of the carer for ATL, and whether we are talking about adult carers or young carers, many of the same issues have been brought to the fore. At all the TUC equalities conferences this year, ATL has raised the profile of carers and the multiple issues they face, often on top of holding down a job.

Allowing students to find their passion changes everything

Ken Robinson, one of the most influential and inspiring voices in education, entitled his 2009 book ‘The Element: how finding your passion changes everything’.

Why so tight-lipped? What Nicky Morgan wouldn’t say

Following her announcement that 1000 ‘failing’ schools would be converted into academies, Nicky Morgan was questioned repeatedly this morning about how many of those ‘failing’ schools are, in fact, academies.