Rights and conditions

Lecturers' employment rights in the FE sector

This section of the website is designed to give a round-up of lecturers' key employment rights. Please follow the link below to get to the information relevant in your area.

Union recognition

ATL believes that trade union recognition represents the best way for staff to be involved in decision-making in their place of work.
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Your workload campaign: moving forward

Once you have assessed the viability of a workload campaign in your workplace and gathered key data, you and your colleagues can move the campaign forward.

Time management: making more time for the things that count

The modern concept of time management is 'the act of planning the amount of time you spend on which activities'.

Independent school recognition agreements

Approximately 100 independent schools recognise the National Education Union for collective negotiation of terms and conditions.

Right to flexible hours

'Flexible working' covers changes to your hours of work and when and where you are required to work.

Time-off rights

ATL representatives are the face of the union for members in their workplace. Their role in promoting the union, supporting existing members, recruiting new ones, reporting issues and sharing information is invaluable.
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Why kind of problems around meetings increase workload and cause issues? Here's what our members said.


Since September 2009 teachers have only been able to cover for absent colleagues 'rarely'. In reality this means teachers should not be covering for known absences or absences that could be foreseen.

Spring resignations

If you teach in a maintained school in England or Wales and wish to change schools or cease teaching at the end of the spring term you must tender your resignation by 28 February. The usual end date of the spring term is 30 April, however, careful consideration is needed when agreeing a termination date.