Rights and conditions

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Job reference rights

You have no statutory right to a reference from a present or past employer - references are given at the discretion of the employer. References do not have to be given in writing - they can be given verbally, perhaps by telephone.

Job sharing advice

Job sharing is a way of working where two people share the responsibilities of one full-time position and divide the hours, salary and benefits.

Part-time working rights

According to the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000, workers on part-time contracts have the right not to be treated less favourably than their full-time colleagues by an employer unless this can be objectively justified.


It is now recognised that the quality of teaching is the single most important factor in raising standards of learning. Yet, as a nation, we treat our education staff badly. The profession's workload has rocketed as its morale has plummeted. Constant negative criticism by the media and ill-informed comments by politicians have left the profession battered and bruised.

Industrial action advice

This page provides information on what constitutes industrial action, and ATL's approach and procedures.

Time management: making more time for the things that count

The modern concept of time management is 'the act of planning the amount of time you spend on which activities'.

Parent evening and open days

Strong relationships with the parents of pupils and students are important. Parents and teachers both want the children to do well and should work together, not against each other.

ATL equality: guidance on disability issues

This guidance aims to provide an overview of the rights of disabled workers in schools and colleges and provide practical advice for union reps and members on how to achieve equality for disabled staff.


Under Information and Consultation Regulations, organisations employing more than 50 staff must put systems in place to allow meaningful dialogue to take place between managers and staff.


Why kind of problems around meetings increase workload and cause issues? Here's what our members said.