Rights and conditions

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Withdrawal of national key stage 3 (SATs) testing

ATL welcomes the withdrawal of external national testing (SATs) at the end of key stage 3, which should give an impetus to schools to use teacher assessment, based on professional judgement, to assess pupil progress, provide information to parents and hold schools to account. These alternative arrangements must not lead to additional workload for our members.

Teachers' employment rights summary: sixth form colleges

The following provides a summary of the employment rights of teachers in sixth form colleges in England and Wales.

Where ATL is not recognised

Consultation is the key to good decision making and a well-run school or college. In some independent schools and colleges, consultation is done on an ad hoc basis, with key changes being made without staff involvement.

Time-off rights

ATL representatives are the face of the union for members in their workplace. Their role in promoting the union, supporting existing members, recruiting new ones, reporting issues and sharing information is invaluable.

Union recognition

ATL believes that trade union recognition represents the best way for staff to be involved in decision-making in their place of work.

Teachers' employment rights summary: maintained sector in Scotand

The following is a summary of the statutory rights of classroom teachers and chartered teachers in the maintained sector in Scotland. Principal teachers, deputy headteachers and headteachers have different entitlements in some areas.

When other unions are taking industrial action and ATL is not

Members can find themselves in a difficult position in schools or colleges where colleagues are taking industrial action and they are not. However, the legal position in these circumstances is clear: industrial action by a union member is unlawful if it is not preceded by the formal notification, balloting and authorisation process.

Your CPD entitlements

ATL is completely committed to the further education of our members.

Working in poor weather conditions

Snow and icy weather can result in the closure of many schools and colleges. Members have raised concerns over their safety, both when travelling to work in potentially dangerous situations and when schools and colleges remain open in poor weather conditions.

Your entitlements after an incident

All employees have certain rights and entitlements after an incident of assault or abuse.