Rights and conditions

Data and workload

Having difficulties with data? Here's what our members said about the issue.

Searching for weapons

Under the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006, teachers have powers to search pupils for knives and offensive weapons, without the pupil's consent.

Sanctions and discipline

The school or college discipline policy should state clearly what sanctions are available and who has the power to impose them.

Student property

Confiscating pupils' property is a legitimate sanction provided that there is a good reason for so doing (as set out in the school rules) and that the length of time the article is confiscated is reasonable.

Spring resignations

If you teach in a maintained school in England or Wales and wish to change schools or cease teaching at the end of the spring term you must tender your resignation by 28 February. The usual end date of the spring term is 30 April, however, careful consideration is needed when agreeing a termination date.


As many as one in five children may at some time need extra help with their education because they have special educational needs (SEN).

Support staff and teachers

The working relationships between education support staff and teachers are vitally important for successful schools.

Teachers' employment rights summary: maintained sector

The following is a summary of the statutory rights of classroom teachers in the maintained sector inEngland.

Where ATL is not recognised

Consultation is the key to good decision making and a well-run school or college. In some independent schools and colleges, consultation is done on an ad hoc basis, with key changes being made without staff involvement.

Time-off rights

ATL representatives are the face of the union for members in their workplace. Their role in promoting the union, supporting existing members, recruiting new ones, reporting issues and sharing information is invaluable.