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Safeguarding - what should you do?

Children will talk about their concerns and problems with people they feel they can trust and they feel comfortable with. All staff and volunteers in an education establishment must know how to respond to a child's concerns and who to approach for advice.

Safeguarding - responsibilities for education staff

There are various different pieces of legislation that set out the roles and responsibilities for the welfare of children, and these are summarised below for schools and FE colleges (statutory responsibilities for safeguarding and child protection only apply to students under 18 years of age).

Safeguarding - allegations against other members of staff

Allegations against other members of staff can be particularly difficult for an individual to report, especially if the member of staff is more senior. However, if you have concerns about how a colleague is behaving towards children you should discuss this with the designated officer.

Lesson planning advice

The Government working group on lesson planning and resources has produced tangible answers to the workload crisis, which could help all education staff find a better balance.

Safeguarding - key definitions

Please note that these definitions are not necessarily legal definitions.

Managing Teacher Workload

It is acknowledged that the quality of teaching is the critical factor in raising standards of learning. And yet teachers' workload has rocketed in recent years, leaving morale for many at rock-bottom.

Safeguarding - key legislation

Every Child Matters, supported by the Children Act 2004, establishes the principle that all children deserve an opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Safeguarding - introduction

It is well documented that there are many safeguarding issues in schools. There is much debate around the responsibilities of staff to report children they are concerned about and to intervene in inappropriate behaviour.

Lecturers' employment rights summary: further education sector in England and Wales

The following is a summary of the key employment rights relevant to lecturers in the further education sector in England and Wales.

Teachers' employment rights summary: state sector in Northern Ireland

The following is a summary of the statutory rights of classroom teachers in the state sector in Northern Ireland. Principals and deputy principals may have different entitlements in some areas.