If your school has already converted to academy status

Rights and conditions
26 January 2017
Once a school has become an academy, it is vital that ATL members continue to promote the rights and working conditions of members within the school, and share information with their colleagues.

What you can do

You can see these actions in more detail in ATL's academies checklist.

1. Elect a rep

Having a rep will help make sure your school is organised. See:

If you are a rep, consider attending one of ATL's regionally based reps' training courses.

2. Secure union recognition

If the principle of union recognition has not been accepted, or if a recognition agreement based on the TUC model recognition agreement or otherwise, has not been signed, pursue the issue as a matter of urgency, keeping your ATL branch secretary and ATL's London office informed of progress. The TUC has also produced guidance to help with discussions between school managers, governors and trade unions.

ATL is already recognised by and has established policies with a number of existing academies - see ATL's recognition agreements and policies with academies.

AMiE has produced some guidance for its members on academy status and the TUC model recognition agreement.

3. Establish a joint consultative and negotiating committee (JCNC)

Get a date in the diary for the first meeting of the JCNC, and then ensure it meets at least once a term. See ATL's Your school joint consulative negotiating committee - why it is important and the annex of the TUC model recognition agreement for more information about setting up a JCNC.

4. Ensure everyone is in ATL

Size matters when campaigning - by showing that staff and significant members of the local community are behind us, the greater the chance of success. ATL's online joining form is at www.atl.org.uk/join.

5. Keep colleagues informed

Keep members fully aware of what is happening within the school. If you need to hold staff meetings, these should be joint meetings with members of GMB, NASUWT, NUT, Unison and Unite when appropriate. See ATL's guidance on arranging staff meetings.

6. Keep ATL informed

It's important you keep in touch so we can give you the support you need. Liaise with your ATL Branch, and you can also contact ATL's London office.

Also contact ATL if the school seeks to undermine the union recognition arrangements, unreasonably restrict time off for union duties, or depart from the term of the STPCD, Burgundy Book or Green Book.

Full list of resources for schools that have converted to academy status

You can also see ATL's recognition agreements and policies with exisitings academies.

Need further advice?

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