Previous sixth form colleges pay scales

Pay and pensions
13 December 2016
These are the previous pay scales for sixth form colleges in England and Wales, in use before 1 September 2016.

This information is provided:

  1. for use in applying pay protection in colleges which have moved to the new structure taking effect from 1 September 2016
  2. for use in colleges that have not yet moved to the new structure taking effect from 1st September 2016 and continue to use the pay structure in place prior to the implementation of the new pay structure.

You can find out more information here and view the current pay scales here.

Sixth form college teachers

Spine point January 2017
1 £22,120
2 £23,872
3 £25,760
4 £27,800
5 £30,001
6 £32,374

PSP range

Spine point January 2017
P1 £35,074
P2 £36,345
P3 £37,752

Management ranges

Spine point 1 2 3
A £37,638 £38,940 £40,281
B £39,412 £40,711 £42,054
C £42,586 £43,884 £45,229
D £45,066 £46,223 £47,536
E £48,013 £49,311 £50,654

London and fringe area allowances

Area 2017
Inner London £3,764
Outer London £2,508
Fringe £994

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