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Meetings with management

Being asked to attend a meeting with your headteacher, perhaps at short notice or even without an indication of its purpose, can be a worry.

Parental complaints

While most education staff enjoy a constructive relationship with parents, there are occasions when the latter may make a complaint.

Working in the independent sector

While there are many universal issues in education, there are also significant differences between the independent and state-maintained sector.

Additional paternity leave and pay

This factsheet explains addtional paternity leave and pay, which is available to the husbands and partners of new mothers and adopters where the mother or adopter does not take their full entitlement to maternity or adoption leave.

Appraisal review meetings

Preparing for a teacher appraisal review meeting is time well spent.

Teacher appraisals: setting objectives

Agreeing objectives for performance appraisal with your appraiser is a key issue for all teachers.

Appealing a pay progression decision

If you do not agree with the decision made by your appraiser regarding your pay progression as a teacher then you may wish to consider appealing the decision.

Salary safeguarding for teachers

Salary safeguarding occurs when your employer determines your salary should be reduced.

Threshold and the upper pay scale

This factsheet is designed to help you understand threshold and upper pay scale progression, with answers to many common queries on when and how to apply.

Deregulation in FE teaching

This factsheet covers the deregulation of FE teaching and has specific advice for workplace reps.